Back to school in Singapore: Students taking baby steps back to class

Students in Singapore are now allowed to go back to school but not compulsory.

Back to school not compulsory

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung posted on social media last Sunday that they are inviting limited students, specifically those who are graduating to report back to school for exam coaching and teacher consultations. Though the invitation is not compulsory, Ong believes students should take baby steps to get familiarize again with the classroom set-up.

According to Minister Ong, they are prioritizing graduating students, since some are already getting anxious about the upcoming national final examinations. The back to school scheme will allow these students to take mock exams and teacher consultations as a refresher.

Attending back to school classes is not compulsory and is not an advanced lesson for the next class term. There will be no new content that will be introduced to any grade level that attends the early return of classes.

Social distancing a priority

Opening schools to interested students will also allow those who want to make use of school facilities to cope up with the current lessons on distance learning implemented by the Ministry of Education since the lockdown began. These students will follow a schedule implemented by the schools to restrict overcrowding and still maintain the needed social distancing.

Minister Ong, assures the parents that social distancing will be essential in every school, and sanitation is of top priority. Students are also required to wear masks at all times, and student temperature will be recorded as they enter campus grounds.

Education is considered essential, which is why the final examinations could not be postponed further. Thus, the opening of schools to help exam takers prepare for the big test. The teacher workforce will also be minimal since only a fraction of the students will be reporting back.