Best business book ever on Wall Street

According to both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the best business book ever is a collection of Wall Street stories titled “Business Adventures: 12 Classic Tales From the World of Wall Street”.

The two infamous businessmen first spoke about during their initial encounter. It might be surprising that they happened to land on the topic of favorite books, but what is even curious is that they agreed on a book. Bill Gates had not read John Brooks’ business masterpiece before that, and Mr. Buffett decided to lend it to him.

After reading the book, Mr. Gates became convinced that this is indeed the best business book ever written. 

Best business book ever 

Many of you reading this might wonder how a book written in the 1960s can still be the best business book ever? The answer is simple. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree that John Brooks touches on the intricacies of a successful business, that goes beyond a good product and marketing strategy.

With a booming development and reliable predictions for the future, business entities all over the world are looking into ways to stand out. Some companies are developing delivery robots; others are focusing on developments in telecommunication. Whichever the case, the best business book ever is there to help.

According to both Mr. Buffett and Mr. Gates, “Business Adventures” should be featured in the library of any aspiring, or already successful businessman.

Bill Gates even goes further saying that Jhon Brooks’ book is a real insight into the way business works, and the intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) required to be successful in such a competitive environment.