Betsy DeVos lashes out on Democrats’ debt elimination proposal

US education secretary Betsy DeVos has slammed Democrats for their proposal for eliminating the student loan debt and said that ‘their proposals are crazy’. In June, Bernie Sanders, one of the probable Democrat’s presidential candidates, proposed to cancel all the student debt to date, irrespective of their financial or economic background and would cover all the costs of future education for children with families earning less than $25000.According to Sanders, the money would come by putting taxes on stock,  bonds, and derivatives.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren, another probable Democrat’s presidential candidate, said that students with families earning less than $100,000 will get their debts reduced by $50,000.

Betsy DeVos unimpressed by the Democrat’s approach

Betsy DeVos called this a ‘federal takeover of the education’. This would cost the government trillions of dollars. Only one in three opt to go to college, the rest two don’t. So the other two will be forced to pay for the college education of the third.

As per DeVos, the most important issue as far as the future of the country is concerned is reforming and fixing the US education system. At this moment, America is nowhere near to the other countries. Students are yet to realize their full potential. Only one in every three students from eighth grade can read and write at that level.

One accusation was made towards the Trump administration and especially Donald Trump by Randi Weingarten was that he is unsupportive of the public education system. Randi is the president of the American Federation of Teachers (ATF).

However, Betsy DeVos has denied these allegations stating that these people keep doing the same thing over and over again and then expect different results, It doesn’t happen this way. A bigger change is required which ensures that students have educational freedom. This would prepare them better for their futures.