Betsy Devos-Steven Menashi: Squeezing loan money from students since 2015

Earlier this year, a U.S. federal judge held Betsy Devos, United States Secretary of Education, was held in contempt to court when the court explicitly told her not to collect student debt from the students of a defunct Corinthian group of colleges. Despite the court’s order, she continued to pursue the students for loan repayment.

Steven Menashi, one of the former attorneys of the US education department, has been involved heavily in squeezing out the students. Menashi was in the news recently, not only because of this but also when President Trump nominated for a lifelong position at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Students of Corinthian colleges were offered exciting careers in the future if they apply for the loans. In 2015, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. declared bankruptcy after it was charged with multiple frauds over the years. Students were left helpless and they wrote letters to the Ed Sec Betsy Devos that she completely ignored.

Betsy Devos-Steven Menashi partnership

Steven Menashi suggested using the students’ data against them so that minimum compensation would be provided to these students. Menashi has been a source of controversial statements throughout his life. Despite that, Prez Trump decided to nominate his name.

After Betsy DeVos was held in contempt of court, she was fined a sum of $100,000 by the federal judge Sallie Kim. DeVos is currently facing multiple court cases as a result of her actions in the past as the education secretary of the US.

With all the facts in hand, all the 12 Republican members of the judiciary committee are fully convinced to nominate Menashi’s name for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. However, the Democrats are still reluctant, rightfully so, to nominate him.

With multiple fiascos gaining the publicity, the Democrats have now repeatedly requested the court to summon DeVos and testify on the cases. Experts have deemed DeVos’ work as the education secretary as a complete failure, especially when it comes to handling student loans.


Featured image from Pixabay.