Big data: Incorporating EdTech in today’s education curriculum

Big data possess the potential to improve operations and make faster and more intelligent decisions. Data is collected from various sources, compiled, and used as a basis for future analysis.

The term big data is used by developers as a reference to the technology that an organization requires to handle large amounts of data and storage facilities.

Big data application thru eLearning

The current education system is struggling for innovations. The technology incorporated with the current education system is by far left behind. Degrees and certificates by graduates of 10 years or more are slowly becoming irrelevant to today’s technology era.

This is the reason behind the rise of EdTech startups in various fields, incorporating advanced technology to further enhance the educational experience of students. Even in third world countries all across the globe, several universities are already pushing EdTech startups, it just a matter of funding from potential investors to make these projects boom.

A few things about eLearning

  • Personalized learning experience. With the help of big data analytics, the software can track down personal behavior, student activities, attitude, and other personality defining factors in order to formulate an effective learning module. Technology will make learning easier, convenient, and accessible for both student and teacher.
  • Measuring student performance. The traditional way of measuring student performance is thru written tests and oral exams. In a technology-based approach, oral exams can be conducted digitally without the need for an actual appearance, written tests can also be given online with results readily available in a few minutes after completion.
    Also, digital exams can also help calibrate a student’s response time in answering a specific question in the exam handed out. These data gathered can be used for future improvement of the student’s learning experience.
  • Technology gains interest. There comes a point in our student life that learning bores us, that going to school bores us, and listening to lectures drains our interest to learn. But with the interaction that technology applies to learning, the level of interest and attention by the students is expected to rise. The big data analytics that will help come up with a personalized learning experience for the student will encourage the student to be more interactive while learning. User interaction is a great way to determine the level of interest of an individual, the more he is interested the more he understands the topics.


We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

-David Warlick