China and the Philippines to sign a bilateral agreement on education

The governments of China and the Philippines have agreed on signing bilateral agreements concerning education, technological and economic development, and social policies. 

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, has a meeting with his Chinese counterpart coming up next week, and one of the primary goals for this meeting is to boost the cooperation between the two countries.

A significant part of the focus of the meeting will be dedicated to a new bilateral agreement on education.

The upcoming meeting will be the fifth for this year, which only shows that the diplomatic relationship between China and the Philippines is becoming stronger. According to government representatives, there are a number of bilateral agreements at the final stages of vetting, which are expected to be finalized during the meeting.

Bilateral agreement on education

China is becoming increasingly active when it comes to joint projects and opportunities like the bilateral agreement on education about to be signed with the Philippines. 

Just recently, the Chinese government worked out a joint project with their German colleagues to boost the exchange of students in vocational education between the two countries.

Such cooperation between countries is essential, as the world is becoming more global, and students want to explore more cultures and educational systems. Not only that, but joint projects and bilateral agreements are a way for both sides to improve their educational systems and diversify their methods. 

China is becoming a leader when it comes to cooperation with other countries in order to provide more and better educational opportunities. Such joint projects will also strengthen the political ties between these countries.