Bitcoin resource guide in France: Supporting blockchain and crypto education

Bitcoin continues making waves around the world by growing in popularity and increasingly being accepted as a form of legit currency. This technology has led to many institutions rethinking how they approach education, especially when it comes to economics and social sciences.

French Ministry of National Education decided to come up with guides to integrate the learning of this currency in their economics and social sciences. This guide will provide resources for teachers on how they can approach discussions about cryptographic money such as bitcoin with their students.

Bitcoin resource guide made in France

The guidelines are an eight-page document that discusses bitcoin with a pedagogical activity card. It also teaches about money and cryptocurrency usage. The approach this guide uses is through comparison of money and trust with cryptos so that they can explain different functions of cryptos in an easier format.

The ministry of education also provided four videos as additional content for these teachers to use. The videos, which have been created by Dessine-Moi l’éco are able to explain about the cryptocurrency technology in-depth and with an easy to understand language.

The videos are titled “Do you have to trust your currency?”, “Can Bitcoin replace the euro?”, “Is Bitcoin a currency like any other?” and “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?.”

The teachers’ activity guide also explains the approach teachers should take while educating their students. An example of such activities includes asking students to list functions of Fiat currencies. Then they can try to determine how these functions apply to cryptocurrencies. This will help greatly these students in getting to understand cryptos at a much faster rate.

Blockchain integration into the education system

This trend of integrating blockchain into the education system has been growing around the world. Some countries have started offering a masters degree in blockchain and crypto education. Governments are also relaxing the laws that govern blockchain technology and legitimizing it to be used in these countries.

The sudden support of blockchain from governments and corporate institutions means that they understand where the future is heading to. They are investing in a future where bitcoin and fiat currencies will be used side by side universally.