Bitcoin young millionaire staking on Metal token

Erik Finman, the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire, asserted that he will stake all his Bitcoin on Metal (MTL); he believes that Metal Pay has the capacity of beating Libra, a Facebook digital currency project. 

Metal Pay, a form of wallet that allows users to store many coins and easily change them to USD, is the initiative behind Metal (MTL), a metal-backed stablecoin.

At age 12, Erik Finman made a bold move that would change his fortune by purchasing Bitcoin worth one thousand dollars ($1000). This happened in 2011 when Bitcoin was only two years old and was valued at ten dollars ($10).

Finman decided to buy Bitcoin at that time after his parents assured him that he couldn’t join the university if he transformed a one thousand dollars ($1000) gift presented by his grandmother into one million dollars ($1M). 

Interestingly, he had accomplished this requirement by 2017.  As a result, Finman has attained his financial independence, a dream envied by many teenagers.

Finman’s decision to desert Bitcoin

Finman has been an internet sensation based on his incredible financial fortunes in spite of his young age. Notably, he has been a risk-taker, and this has paid off.

Nevertheless, he wants to take his risk-taking nature a notch higher by investing all his Bitcoin fortunes into a new stablecoin called Metal (MTL) whose Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was launched in 2017.

Finman’s decision has been propelled by the actuality that he views Metal Pay as a cryptocurrency application that has all-in-one attributes. 

Finman’s decision to invest in Metal has shown tremendous growth. For instance, in July, it was trading between three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) to several million dollars daily. This has, however, changed as Metal is trading at between forty and sixty million dollars ($40-60M) every day. 

Finman’s investment choice comes at a time when the trade war between China and the US is boosting Bitcoin value