Black Lives Matter advocacy reaches the UK

The Black Lives Matter advocacy continues to spread worldwide, with the UK as one of its big supporters.

Black Lives Matter

An act of violence tinted with racism in Minneapolis started the global advocacy, Black Lives Matter. Decades after slavery was abolished in the US, the idea of racism still exists in how white Americans treat black, Asian, and immigrant people in the US.

The recent death of George Floyd from a brutal choke to the neck by a Minneapolis officer using his knee is a direct example of how certain individuals emit hate towards other people out of color and/or ethnicity.

The George Floyd incident awakened a long celebrated struggle by black people in the US against acts of discrimination against them out of their skin colors and progeny.

The Black Lives Matter advocacy is a reminder that racism has no place in society; all lives are created equal, despite color, eye shape, dialect, and race.

Black History in UK schools

Just like the United States, the United Kingdom also had its fair share of history in black slavery. But the cases of racism in the UK is way minimal as to what is transpiring in the US.

Education experts in the UK want the government to include Black History in the modules being though in UK schools. They fear that the British people slowly forget the impact of Black British people on the country’s history.

Black Lives Matter advocacy wants to eliminate the idea of supremacy between race, color, and ethnicity.

Including black history as part of the compulsory subjects in UK schools will help students educate the struggle black people, not only British, throughout history and up until today.

Advocates urge people to be part of the change, a change for a better and safer community for any race, color, and ethnicity.