Blockchain and Crypto jobs rise by 26 percent

Data released by Indeed, one of the largest job posting sites, shows that blockchain and crypto jobs rose by 26 percent for the year 2018 to 2019. The data also showed that the postings had risen by 1,457 percent in four years before 2018.

The growth of the blockchain and crypto industry has seen a growth in the number of employees in the last five years. Figures released by indeed for the previous year showed a 26 percent increase in the number of job postings on the site from 2018 to 2019.

This trend seems to be holding, especially after a four-year rally in the number of crypto job ads shares per million on the site. The four years preceding 2018 had seen the number of employment ads for blockchain and crypto rise by 1,457 percent. This was also, according to the study released by Indeed, one of the largest job posting sites in the world.

Growth of blockchain and crypto jobs

On the other hand, the data released also showed that the sector-specific job searches decreased by 53 percent over the same period. This, however, was not surprising. The job searches for this sector had been in a downward trend in the last three years following after one of the largest bitcoin rallies ended in 2017 when its price reached over $20,000.

The enthusiasm of job hunters in this industry was also noted to be in decline compared to data from 2017.

The data also took a peek at other industries and noted that the majority of jobs being posted are computer-related. Roles in software engineering, full-stack development, software architect and front end developers were some of the top skills employers were looking for.

The data also showed that the top companies looking for employees in the blockchain and crypto industry were; Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Cisco and Collins Aerospace, who made the top five list.

Coinbase was ranked seventh among companies looking for employees in the industry, whereas ranked eighth. Others included Ripple, which ranked ninth, Circle (11th), Kraken (12th) and ConsenSys (13th).

The jobs on offer for individuals with blockchain and crypto skills are expected to continue their upward trend according to Indeed. They are optimistic about a continuation of growth in this industry, which will result in more job opportunities.


Featured Image by Pixabay