Teach blockchain-based solutions rather than blockchain for a wider impact

It has been now sometime when the blockchain revolution took off. Since then we have seen so many new developments and changes. Initially, people and many countries didn’t see through the blockchain revolution but now they are coming to terms with it. Blockchain has provided solutions to so many problems and yet we have just started exploring blockchain.

Today we have blockchain-based messenger apps and mobile devices. We can now have our control over our identity privacy. People have started to see the benefits of this revolutionary new technology. However, the primary need of the blockchain industry should be educating people about blockchain.

The need for blockchain-based solutions

To do this, instead of educating directly about blockchain won’t be the right approach. Rather teach people about blockchain-based solutions and how it is helping the world. More than half of the world doesn’t understand the technology we have right now but they still use it as it has provided solutions to their problems like never before. The old generation hardly understands how the internet works, yet they use it widely. Educating people about blockchain is the only way we can utilize the full potential of it. 

As it is always said that education should be about people and learners. So, the primary focus should be on the community. With people learning about blockchain-based solutions, they will eventually understand the basic education and principles of the technology.

If a new blockchain-based solution like an app is developed, it doesn’t need to include the name of ‘blockchain’ in it. People don’t care what technology they are using as long as it supports them in the best possible way. Let them see and realize for themselves.

Agreed that blockchain provides solutions to the most complex of the problems, but this complexity can have a negative effect on the market. Rather, demonstrate how it is a solution to smaller issues by building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then scale it up further. These issues should be real-life issues that are solved better and efficiently by blockchain.

Like internet-based solutions eventually led to its worldwide acceptance, similarily blockchain-based solutions will eventually lead to its acceptance. Once it has been accepted everywhere, we can proceed further by educating more vigorously.