Blockchain education for students should be a priority in 2020

Looking in hindsight at plans made late in December 2019, everyone has that feeling that it would have been timely were plans implemented right away, without vacillation and double thinking. Let’s travel back in time and view the projections made in 2019.

Universities and companies are now coming together to provide blockchain education for students. This year alone has seen an increase in the number of universities offering blockchain education.

There is a dire shortage of qualified workers to work in the blockchain technology industry. This has seen a rise in the salary of blockchain developers to $130,000 and fortune 500 companies scrambling to get their hands on qualified blockchain experts. The rise in blockchain technology proves this is the right time for universities to start offering courses that deal with blockchain technology.

Blockchain education for students programs

Fortunately, in 2019, universities took steps to implement blockchain curriculums. The University of California is leading the way by launching an initiative that supports students who want to pursue blockchain education. Columbia University also started a partnership with IBM to create two blockchain accelerators, and Portland State is offering an online business blockchain certificate.

This year has also seen 13 major blockchain players come together and launch the Blockchain Education Alliance. The alliance is providing blockchain education for students in universities. It is also offering a platform where students can interact with the companies and get information about the importance of blockchain technology. They also launched a technology firm that will be able to connect these students with blockchain projects.

Optimism for 2020 for blockchain education

This is just the start and as we head to 2020, there is hope that more universities and companies will lead the way in providing blockchain education for students. There are already plans by some universities to offer specialized education at all levels of university education such as BA, MA, MBA, and PhD.

Universities have also expressed optimism that there will be an improved interaction between universities and blockchain companies. The partnership between Columbia University and IBM is already a success and a lot of universities are looking forward to benefiting from such partnerships.

Rural universities such as Indiana universities are already being pushed to provide blockchain education by the students. The students’ groups have been pushing for the introduction of blockchain courses in their respective universities but receiving little support from administration. However, there is optimism for these groups in 2020 that things will improve and blockchain education will be readily available for them.

A harder look at blockchain systems

Ongoing research is being conducted to analyze the most relevant functionalities and known issues of this technology, with the intent of pointing out the possible behaviors that are not as efficient and reliable as they should be when thinking with a broader outlook. Below are the core elements of blockchain with generation transactions depicted as coins.

blockchain technology

Blockchain platforms in preparation for lessons of primary and secondary students are inevitable with the surge of pandemics and natural calamities due to climate change. Should our education stakeholders be caught flatfooted again?

Online education means ongoing training for teachers, a variety of educational materials. On top of that, we need an effective curriculum to make sure children can cope with the online lessons and that they are provided with the necessary basic skills to participate well in their communities. Traditional education might not work at all times but how about if we factor in blockchain technology to cut costs but not quality?

There was a question posed by the writer, “What is education, and why is it intimately so important?”. For those who come from Africa, that’s a question that need not even be asked. What is the single tool that can make a black man aspire for the same privileges a white man takes for granted? There is only one, and that is EDUCATION. Some might say FREEDOM, but that’s a strange word for a person who has been deprived of education.