Blockchain education online is a new trend for universities

Recent research shows that one of the most desirable professions of the future is the blockchain developer. That’s why blockchain education online has procured so much attention.

Universities and online academies of TechEd industry, all are joining the blockchain trend and creating online courses and programs to widespread blockchain education.

This year we saw several universities announcing their new programs. The aim is to get people into cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology, and fintech.

Blockchain education in Ireland

In the second quarter of the year 2019, Heather Humphreys, Ireland’s Minister of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation, originated Ireland’s first Master’s program in blockchain education.

The Master’s program was a result of a collaboration between Dublin City University and ICT Skillnet. To master the course, you should already have some education in the IT field. The course is oriented on developers who’d like to enhance their experiences and add blockchain development to their skillset.

ICT Skillnet stated that the only problem with further development of this profession is the gap in skills. Their program is aiming to fill this gap, and prepare the future generation of tech-savvy professionals.

On May 31, they announced that only the residents of the Republic of Ireland could have access, but they are planning on some changes for the future. After all, it’s an online course.

Blockchain education in Pennsylvania

Following days were as well exciting for the crypto community, as the University of Pennsylvania announced a new online course about all things fintech.

Even though The University of Pennsylvania is a business school, and you’d imagine they would only introduce the students to business-oriented subjects, their blockchain course has been launched a month ago, due to the rapid growth of demand on blockchain developers.

The program addresses the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It also covers crowdfunding, P2P payments, and investing in ICOs.

In comparison with Ireland’s initiative with blockchain education, this course is available for international students, and you can easily find it on Coursera. People of all professions are currently going through the course, as it doesn’t require a background in the blockchain industry.

Over the last 12 months, hundreds of universities launched cryptocurrency and blockchain courses and programs. It speaks a lot about what future job markets will look like.