Blockchain in education: market growing rapidly

According to recent market analysis, the presence of blockchain in education will experience rapid growth in the upcoming several years. 

The market report outlines the growing number of applications blockchain technology in the field of education, and the leading players who are introducing this innovative approach.

Blockchain in education leaders

  • Blockcerts

Blockcerts is a platform, which facilitates the issuing of blockchain-based certificates. The platform is open for anyone to use. Blockcerts allows companies and institutions to create customized certificates, which can reflect the specific skills of individual employees or students. The best thing is that Blockcerts keeps all certificates safe and secure on the blockchain, while they are available for anyone interested to view.

Blockcerts was developed by the MIT Media Lab in 2016, and published with the MIT open source license.

  • Learning Machine

Learning Machine is another excellent certificate blockchain-based platform. This team of digital architects had a significant role to play in the creation of Blockcerts and is now working on further improving the platform. 

While Blockcerts is purely oriented towards storing and presenting certificates, Learning Machine also specializes in record-keeping. Their services offer vendors and institutions an easy and secure solution for storing large data sets and records. One of the most prominent investors who back Learning Machine is Learn Capital. 

  • IBM

IBM is one of the leading names in blockchain technology globally. In a recent report titled Blockchain Revolution in Education and Lifelong Learning, the information technology giant expressed its intention to focus on the way blockchain technology can revolutionize the education sector.

Not only that, but IBM founded the Blockchain Research Institute to help facilitate the development of new technology and digital solutions. 

Blockchain in university

Blockchain technology has not only revolutionized the way education and certification functions. 

As a result of the increased interest blockchain technology has garnered globally, many universities have started offering higher education courses on the topic.

Some prominent examples include Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard. These are the best higher education institutions in the world and the fact that they recognize the importance of blockchain in education further solidifies this technology as a constant presence in the future.