Blockchain technology ousts fraud in diplomas

Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen favors blockchain technology to eradicate the problem of severe fraudulent diplomas on the global spectrum. 

Blockchain technology has emerged to be one of the technological innovations that will considerably transform modern life. This is founded on blockchain’s distributed or decentralized ledger system and with this, the problem of fraudulent diplomas will be eradicated.

Pilot-project to be blockchain-based

The University of St. Gallen has asserted that it is ready to launch a pilot project based on the blockchain technology. Its objective is verifying the genuineness of the degrees and diplomas offered in seconds other than several days.

According to Harald Rotter, the university’s CIO, the pilot project is fundamental as it will show the efficiency of validating the diplomas offered by the institution using blockchain’s digital process. 

Notably, the University of St. Gallen has collaborated with BlockFactory, a Swiss blockchain startup, in this project as the latter will utilize its certification resolution in the creation of immutable diplomas recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Blockchain technology favored by education stakeholders

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has set its eyes on blockchain technology as it seeks to deal with the elevated instances of fake degrees in the nation.

Notably, Malaysia recently introduced an application founded on the NEM blockchain known as E-Skrol to tackle fraudulent certification. 

On the other hand, a Canadian tech institute has shown its intention of launching diplomas that are blockchain-based for the subsequent graduating classes. 

Additionally, at least four thousand eight hundred (4,800) students graduating from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology are expected to attain blockchain-based degrees. 

Conversely, recent research shows that one of the most desirable professions of the future is the blockchain developer. That’s why blockchain education online has attracted so much attention.

As a result, universities are launching the programs, and countries are making sure their tech-savvy youth is educated and has the opportunity to thrive. Recent studies, articles, newsletters, and announcements have shown the list of top five (5) blockchain courses online