Blockchain use in education spikes as China creates own crypto after 5 years study

Blockchain use in education, in an unfolding application in technology, has found further uses in China. The launch of the state-owned cryptocurrency will see the establishment of cryptography business and cyberspace infrastructure security.

Meanwhile, as China prepares for the launch of its own state-backed cryptocurrency, online posts claiming that blockchain technology is a scam has been deleted and forbidden on its media network.

In an era where blockchain potentials in education are being discovered, its adoption by the China state government further sounds the success of cryptocurrency. Speaking on blockchain advancement, President Xi Jinping said the technology is a crucial breakthrough worth developing.

The state government picked interest in cryptocurrency five years ago with the possibility of developing a state-owned digital currency. Until now, it has restricted cryptocurrency transactions and content on social media.

Recently, CNLedger, a cryptocurrency news resource focused on developments in China, revealed the shift in the State’s action towards blockchain.

Now, there are adverts on blockchain use in educational courses on social media sites and known apps. Furthermore, the state government placed a ban on articles discrediting blockchain.

Further, into the plan for the state-owned digital coin, a new law favoring the establishment of cryptography business and cyberspace infrastructure security will come into effect on the 1st of January 2020. The new law goes ahead of the launch of China’s state-backed cryptocurrency. 

The State’s interest in digital coin rubs off positively on bitcoin and boosts the broad acceptance of blockchain potentials in the education sector. Investors in crypto-world have also increased their exposure to bitcoin.

Nigel Green, CEO of financial advisory firm deVere Group, said that with China’s established interest in blockchain, cryptocurrency is no doubt the future.

Blockchain use in education applications

Industries that take security seriously are beginning to consider exploring blockchain’s superior cybersecurity capabilities. Finance and healthcare sectors have found significant applications of cryptocurrency, and it’s high time the education sector considered blockchain potentials.

Education is as important as healthcare and finance, and there are lots of areas within this sector that could be improved using technology. Already, tools like virtual reality and personalized learning with artificial intelligence are helping to improve learning outcomes for students at all levels.

Blockchain use in education technology will become an integral part of the education sector in a few years. But how will technology help school administrators and students? A thorough understudy of the present application of the ledger technology in other industries will give insights to how it will impact teachers and students.

Data security

The finance and healthcare sectors have paved the way for schools to adopt the technology to safeguard the data of children. The technology is being used to lessen the influence of cybercrime and data theft in the industry. 

Cyber data theft has been targeted at U.S healthcare such that 1 in 13 patients in the States is affected. Considering the importance of healthcare data, hospitals, and insurers blockchain technology to wade off cybercrimes.

The transparency of the system, combined with the fact that nothing is actually deleted, makes it much more challenging to steal patient data undetected. Blockchain uses in education could be a formidable transformation for the Chinese system.

With blockchain uses in education, the sector also had its share of data crimes. In 2017, 13% of all breaches were student’s data in the U.S. Also. Certificate verification is increasingly becoming useful by most organizations. Cyber thieves target these data to replicate fake student identities used for crimes. Protecting records with the blockchain could make these attacks ineffective.

With a central certificate verification system, organizations will be able to get fast and genuine information about potential employers, which is not possible with the present system without possibilities of forgery. 

Blockchain potentials in the education sector

With the current application of digital ledger technology, the education sector could employ the network in the following services. Blockchain use in education will set China up on its feet after a setback suffered from mislabelling cryptocurrency and blockchain as “scams” in social media.

Test Prep and Learning

The digital technology could be used in test prep and learning as currently being deployed by the Russian platform Disciplina. One of the Disciplina applications presently being used in higher education brings teachers and students together. Blockchain use in education will boom with further usage by the different universities in China.

Another blockchain engineered application – Opet Foundation’s chatbot app helps students with test prep. Its services include recommending resources to students and answering questions while keeping track of student’s performances.

Library storage

Blockchain use in education will transform school libraries. Their operations could be improved as the digital ledger since stores information better. One of the schools in the State has already received a grant to pioneer blockchain-supported school libraries.


The blockchain technology could come in handy as the roads get congested. The technology could be used to develop ridesharing apps, and carpools for special needs students. With China’s President Xi’s support, it won’t be long until various industries crop up with gadgets that could help all sectors.

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