Blockchain Webinar: Support 72M via education disruption

A Blockchain Webinar by stalwarts in the education, business, and marketing spheres goes live on September 19 at six in the evening (6PM) United Kingdom Time to gather support for disruption of education, or make it more affordable globally by decentralization.

Mitch Rankin, English Forward Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, together with Karnika Yashwant,  EnglishForward Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, and Earl Flormata, Digital Marketing Strategist, will again mark another milestone for the current advocacy of helping meet the needs of seventy-two million (72M) children of primary education age not in school through blockchain technology.

Mitch has been advocating the use of blockchain in alleviating multifarious problems of reaching rural communities and providing education to unschooled children.

English Forward is the Internet’s largest “learn English” community. One of the first, longest-running and largest ESL / EFL site in the world with a total of almost three hundred million (296,414,394) users, it attributes seventeen (17) years of established authority to being the unparalleled go-to site for English language learners. All two million (2M) questions-and-answers on the English Forward database are contributed by professional volunteer users.

Globally, seven hundred fifty-nine million (759M) adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. Could blockchain solve the perennial problem of illiteracy for rural children? This is the main question which will be resolved by the panel speakers in today’s seminar.

If you want to help resolve global illiteracy among the poorest community, click here.

View this video to learn more about the English Forward advocacy.

Blockchain webinar explains the plight of 72M

The solution Mitch offers is the disruption of education through blockchain technology. He believes that access to schools is the first step toward increasing the right to education for all children on a global level. 

Student loans show how the current system favors the privileged segment of humanity and leaves out the majority of people that are unable to participate in higher education due to lack of resources (finances) or not being “creditworthy” for loans. is currently raising funds to build a blockchain app with a tokenized incentive for users to learn English.

Karnika Yashwant,  EnglishForward Co-Founder & CMO believes that centralization does not fit the current trends of a shared economy, empowerment, and a leaner workforce. Decentralization provides companies with greater autonomy, allowing scope for creativity, resourcefulness, and a better employer-employee fit. 

He also agrees that decentralization provides for employers to become involved in the decision-making and education process right from the recruiting of a student (future employees) through to the successful integration in the company. 

This allows for greater flexibility and makes it possible for better decisions to be made with regard to the employer-employee match.

Earl Flormata, the Evil Marketing Genius, believes in solving the grand challenge of blockchain for Education. The EdTech industry is expected to reach two hundred fifty-two billion dollars ($252B) by 2020, and blockchain is poised to play its part.

First world education is made accessible to third world countries with distance learning resources (MOOC’S – massive online open courses, mobile learning tools, etc.). With an internet connection and available tools, quality education is within every student’s reach. Of course, you will be able to learn about more of the benefits during the blockchain webinar. You can register to participate here.

Funds for higher education study can be made accessible through the tokenizing of a course and earning of tokens for progress and participation through a blockchain application.