Blue Brain bares 11 facets of human brain

Swiss neuroscientists in the Blue Brain Project found eleven (11)  dimensions as a unique structure of the human brain by using algebraic topology.

The researchers attested that this study was instrumental in comprehending the human brain’s fabric based on the actuality that people usually think from a 3-D notion. 

The objective of the Swiss research team is the creation of a supercomputer with the capabilities of reconstructing the human brain.

Human brain’s neurons

Some of the findings obtained entailed neurons being connected into certain cliques. Expressly, the neurons found in a given clique were determinant of its size, especially as an elevated-dimensional geometric object. 

According to Henry Markram, the lead neuroscientist in the study, the discovery was unimaginable because the human brain comprises of millions of structures that have from seven (7) to eleven (11) dimensions. 

Networks are usually categorized based on the number of nodes. Additionally, human brains consist of nearly eighty-six billion (86B) neurons, as well as numerous connections that form substantial cellular networks. 

Algebraic topology helpful in understanding the human brain

Algebraic topology is a branch of mathematics that is instrumental in the description of objects’ properties irrespective of how their shapes change. As succinctly defined:

Algebraic topology has a great deal of mathematical machinery for studying different kinds of hole structures, and it gets the prefix “algebraic” since many hole structures are represented best by algebraic objects like groups and rings.

As a result, it helped researchers with the mathematical tools needed in discerning information in the human brain’s neural network.

Algebraic topology also assisted the neuroscientists in figuring out the geometric structures of high dimensions found in the brain. 

Technology has also been beneficial in comprehending the human brain. For example, a recent study illustrated that magnetic resonance (MR) was pivotal in showing the association between brain characteristics and overall awareness