Bradford charity gives students free meals during summer holidays

TLG, a local charity in Bradford, is looking to aid families and ease their spending for food during the summer holidays. Many families struggle to keep up with the rise in expenses for food during the summer holidays. 

While students get free meals at their educational institutions throughout the school year, once the holiday begins, families have to figure out a way to provide these meals. 

More than one thousand and four hundred students attend schools in the Yorkshire area, and many of their families are ill-prepared to handle the rise in living costs during holidays. This is why TLG has decided to try and help those families out. The charity announced that they would be providing one free hot meal to students from Bradford daily.

Charity work

Many families manage to get through the financially complicated summer months is thanks to the help of charities like TLG.

According to the charity website, this organization is purely focused on helping students and their families get the best of their years in the educational system. This includes financial relief during the summer holidays.

Many families in the United Kingdom report that their expenses increase so drastically during the summer months, that they fall behind with rent and utility payments. The situation is even worse for families under the Universal Credit scheme. 

Considering the fact that the number of meals families have to provide increases by roughly fifteen every week, it is no surprise that the summer holidays turn out to be a financial burden.