Bribing students to enroll in UK Universities

Several UK Universities are under strict monitoring form bribing students to attend specific schools this coming school year.

Distance learning: A new normal

With talks of online learning coming to play for schools in the UK this coming school year, school administrators are looking into ways to promote their schools and entice new prospects.

Due to the pandemic, a huge chunk of enrollees coming from the group of international students will be missed by universities. UK Universities will greatly depend on local students and students from nearby locations for their enrollees this coming school year.

With distance learning becoming the new normal for the Academic year 2020-2021, it creates a fair recruiting ground for most universities in the UK. In its pilot year, students do not have a clear vision of what they would be expecting for enrolling in distance learning courses from a particular university.

More popular universities should have a slight advantage over popularity and reputation. However, programs geared towards distance learning will be a great motivator for students in choosing where to enroll for the Academic Year 2020-2021.

Bribing students with conditional offers

Due to the competition in maintaining and recruiting new students for the next academic year, some UK Universities resorted to bribing students to enroll for them.

An investigation was conducted to look into universities allegedly bribing students into choosing a college to attend to this coming school year.

There are reports of universities offering as much as £1,200 to get students to enroll for them. A few of the noted universities on the list are Hull, Queen’s University Belfast, Stirling, and Portsmouth.

In Northampton, we were given an option between a free laptop for our distance learning, hall passes worth £500, or school vouchers worth £500.

Education officials issued a warning to universities handing out conditional offers to students. A fine of £500,000 for universities proven to manipulate enrollee turnout this year by bribing students to enroll for them.