Britain’s teachers are moving out by 1000s lured by lucrative overseas jobs

Britain’s teachers are moving out by thousands as many are being lured overseas away by lucrative pay packages, and better working environments.

Most of these teachers quit teaching in schools in different provinces of the United Kingdom, and migrate to Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Switzerland, Nepal, amongst many other international countries.

The reason for the migration of Britain’s teachers to other countries abroad led to a comprehensive analysis of why teachers are quitting schools in the UK.

A look at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg and the UK schools shows the reason why many of these teachers prefer to work abroad.

The standard class size in Swiss Rosenberg is just eight pupils, compared to UK schools where classes contain over 30 pupils.

Schools make Britain’s teachers cut jobs and close early to save money

In the Swiss schools, students are encouraged to bring their own meals and are served in a sophisticated restaurant, while schools in the UK where they are made to cut jobs and close early to save money.

During sports and exercise pupils partake in skiing in the winter, golf and tennis training, and have a fitness club. Also, parents are not asked to contribute toilet rolls and other stationeries because their bathrooms are refined.

Britain’s teacher’s reason for moving involves; the ability to have savings, private health service, and less workload, funding cuts, fear of Ofsted, liability measures, bad behavior, pupils bringing weapons to school, etc

The advantage of teaching overseas includes; free housing and tax-free income, smaller class-size, enough resources, good work-life stability, liberty to travel, no Ofsted, etc.

Teachers’ justification for quitting

Alex McCarron, a physics teacher, said his reason for moving was the opportunity given to lecturing his subject at a higher level, which would not have been open to him in England.

In the UK you constantly have to report to certain people about certain things. Here you are trusted to do what you think is best for the student.

I would burn in hell before returning to teach in an English school.

Education in the UK is draining.

A 33-year-old teacher from east London, currently in Myanmar said;

Working environments are superior, it would be insane for me to go back to the UK.

A survey by the National Education Union (NEU) revealed that in every five teachers one is expected to quit in about two years, and more so five is expected to leave in the five years. Many put the blame on enormous teaching workload and unnecessary liability.