British Foreign Sec condemns violence

After British Indians were attacked in London’s Indian High Commission building, Dominic Raab, the British Foreign Secretary, has condemned such violence. 

Expressly, he asserted that any community should not be stereotyped or attacked in the United Kingdom as this shows deplorability. 

Raab addresses the British Parliament

On September 3, while addressing the British Parliament, Raab stipulated that the kind of violence witnessed against British Indians should not be subjected to anyone irrespective of their background and origin. 

He also noted that communities ought to live in harmony so that any tension can be averted. Additionally, they should come up with strategies meant to propel their confidence levels.

Notably, the Indian High Commission located in London has witnessed several protests. Expressly, the latest ones were instigated by the issue of Kashmir and Jammu. As a result, some damage was witnessed on the building premises. 

The protests have been sparked after the Indian administration decided to revoke the constitutional status of Kashmir and Jammu. 

Some lawmakers have been against this form of violence as they have deemed it unacceptable. For instance, North West Cambridgeshire MP, Shailesh Vara, stated that the abuse and violence subjected to the British Indian community are absurd, and it should not happen to any other in the UK. 

On the other hand, on August 15 and September 3, India raised concerns about the protests going on outside its commission in the UK. 

Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, also stipulated that the violence witnessed was unacceptable because people should be treated with respect, irrespective of their origin.

Pro-Khalistan and Pakistan-backed protesters were responsible for disrupting the Independence Day celebrations happening outside the Indian High Commission’s building as they pelted eggs and stones at the British Indians present. 

Conversely, protests are continuously being witnessed in Hong Kong