Bullying caught on camera in Hong Kong leads to arrest

A viral video of two students bullying their fellow school mate has angered many in Hong Kong. This has led to the arrest of two students, both aged 12, who are suspected to have taken part in the attack.

Two students have been arrested in Hong Kong after a video showing them bullying a fellow student went viral. The suspects who go to school in Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School (TCGSS) attacked their victim with a fire bucket lid and forced her to eat sand that was inside the bucket.

The two students seen in the viral video were 12 years old and were arrested and charged with assault resulting in bodily. They were released in bond awaiting trial, and they are expected to avail themselves in police station next month when the trials begin.

Bullying video

In the video, a young girl can be seen wearing her school uniform with the label TCGSS could be seen cowering on the stairs after the attack. She was hit repeatedly in the head and hands while crying, by the two culprits. They also ordered her to eat sand that was in the bucket, while continually hitting her.

The police report was filed by the father of the thirteen-year-old who was horrified by the attack. Upon receiving the complaint, the police moved swiftly to arrest the suspects. The police acknowledged that through their investigations, the police report indicated that the student was attacked by a hard object.

In a statement, TCGSS said they were appalled by the video of the two students bullying their school mates and sent apologies to the girl and her family. They also indicated they would investigate the viral video and would deal with the matter seriously.

Hong Kong has a major bullying issue, with research done on 53 countries and regions, showing it to be the worst in bullying. There have also been studies that showed about a third of students aged 15 and below indicating they had underwent bullying at some point.


Featured image by Pixabay