Campbell campus: Security is primary

Campbell campus has been ranked as one of the most secure campuses in the country. Harnet County Sheriffs has credited this safety report with the willingness of students to cooperate with authorities in providing information that may lead to the prevention of crime.

U.S. Department of Education has conducted a study showing Campbell campus as one of the safest universities in the country. The numbers released also painted a grim picture in the case of the University of North Carolina which was ranked as the most dangerous university in the country. The report also reported that the safest university in the state was UNC Charlotte.

Steps Campbell campus has taken to ensure safety

There has been a sharp increase in the number of reported violent crimes in universities. This report was assuring to the students at Campbell campus about their learning environment. It shows a commitment from the school management and the security operators in the school to handle any rising cases of crime in the university. This, in turn, has provided a serene and secure environment to thrive in for these students.

This result has not come as a surprise for the people who are tasked with providing security for this institution. Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Chase Banker, the man who oversees the security in the Campbell campus, applauded the finding and stated that this would not have been possible without the input of the students and the cooperation they have been accorded by the administration and students.

The report looked at both the on-campus and off-campus incidences of violence reported in three years. The report released had the data taken between 2015 and 2017. The report showed that there were 16 reported incidences of violent crimes in the university.

Outstanding law enforcement officers that work around the clock

Among the cases reported, there was one where a female student was sexually assaulted. This case was unfortunate to happen and with a national average where 25 percent of female students and 5 percent of male students find themselves in this situation. A lot needs to be done to ensure that all students are protected.

Banker said,

We have outstanding law enforcement officers that work around the clock and have embraced the opportunity to serve and protect the students and faculty here at Campbell.

This was an assurance of what the department is doing to confront the violent crime on the campus.

13 cases reported over three years were reported to have happened inside the campus. The crimes included the 1 rape case and 12 burglaries. The number of arrests inside the campus also decreased over the period of three years the data was taken. The number reduced from 35 arrests per year to 33.

Banker has emphasized on the societal fabric that holds the school together, crediting it with the low crime. He said that the campus was a close-knit community where every individual looked out for each other. This has contributed to living in harmony around the campus.