2 Cardiff university lecturers criticized over anti-Conservative comments

A student society expressed concern over Cardiff university lecturers overexpressing their disgusts over conservative party voters.

Two Cardiff university lecturers criticized

Two Cardiff university lecturers are drawing flak for their erroneous comment on people who voted for the conservative party candidates. The lecturers branded conservative voters as “vermin” and lacking social conscience.

The issue against the lecturers drew the attention of the Cardiff University Conservative Association, a university student society. The student society which is pro-conservative criticized the actions made by the lecturers, saying:

It is a shame seeing senior lecturers attacking young helpless “Conservatives.”

The student society calls for the university to practice unbiased stand on political matters.

It’s a matter of personal opinion

The issue started when Dr. Andy Williams, a senior Cardiff university lecturer at the journalism, media, and culture department, posted an attacking comment against Conservative voters after the general election.

According to Dr. William’s tweet:

British men and boomers are statistically more likely to be vermin than women and the young.

This statement came after recent polling data showed men and older voters were more likely to support Conservatives rather than opposing parties.

Dr. Williams was quick to defend himself, saying that he was only quoting his political hero, Labor party’s Aneurin Bevan.

After Dr. Williams’ engaging tweet was also a social media post coming from Dr. John Jewell. Dr. Jewell is the director of undergraduate studies at Cardiff’s school of journalism, media, and culture program.

The tweet contained:

How can anybody – anybody – who professes to have a social conscience vote for the Conservatives. It’s that simple.

Dr. Jewell then deleted his tweet, but several people had already seen it and took screenshots as proof.

A deleted tweet from a Cardiff university lecturer

A deleted tweet from a Cardiff University lecturer

Cardiff university is a separate entity

The Cardiff university as a whole, distance itself from the comments of the two lecturers.

Those are Dr. Williams’ and Dr. Jewell’s comments, expressed in their personal social media accounts. We do not see any indication that they carry out these comments as a view of the whole of Cardiff University.

Cardiff City was also mentioned in a news prior to the general election for having around 200 misprocessed voting registrations.