Career development center to launch at Ain Shams University thanks to the help of USAID

On 22 July, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with the Ain Shams University in Egypt, launched a new center for career development. This is the third joint project between the institutions in terms of career development.

The idea behind these career centers is to provide a connection between higher education students and potential employers in their area of expertise. The new center will be primarily dedicated to the Faculty of Commerce at the university. 

According to USAID representatives, there is a large-scale plan in motion to open more than twenty new career centers all across Egypt. The whole initiative is worth more than twenty million dollars (USD20.8m) and has been scaling up successfully for the past several years. The opening of new centers at campuses all over Egypt is part of the continuous effort of USAID to invest in the development of education in the country. Ever since 1978, USAID has spent more than thirty billion dollars (USD30bn) in initiatives in Egypt.

Career centers are important

There is an increasing gap between the skills acquired in universities and the skills employers are looking for. Many countries have tried to focus more on developing vocational education, while other countries are looking for other solutions. 

Career centers have the potential to bridge this gap, as students and potential employers get the chance to communicate directly. This means that students will be able to learn more about the requirements of the labor market and adapt their studies accordingly. This USAID initiative is a significant step forward in making students more informed about their future as employees.