Carrom against Coronavirus: Netherlands wins online Carrom tournament

In the fight against Coronavirus, communities are coming together, and in the Carrom against Coronavirus saga International Carrom community came together to organize tournaments. One such online Carrom Tournaments dubbed the Irshad Ansari Benefit Carrom tournament has concluded.

Netherlands’ Carrom Champion Chamil Coorey received victory crown after defeating Mehedi Hassan to win the Irshad Ansari Benefit Online Carrom Tournament. Nishanta Fernando of Sri Lanka ranked third among 10 carrom champions in the world, and Karnal Abden of England came in fourth while Irshad Ansari Benefit Carrom Championship was hosted by UAE Carrom Federation.

Carrom against Coronavirus: Irshad Ansari Benefit Tournament

The General Secretary Muhammad Azam said that Irshad Ansari, the International Carrom Federation Cup Champion from Nagpur India, is a rickshaw driver and facing financial difficulties due to Coronavirus lockdown. We are all in the Carrom against Coronavirus war together, therefore the UAE Carrom Federation organized an on-camera tournament for his financial support in which 10 players from around the world participated to help Irshad Ansari in the series of online Carrom tournaments arranged by the federation.

Carlito Bollin of Switzerland, Pierre Dubios of France, Bartek Sasinski of Poland, Adam Adeel of Maldives, Chris Walter of Malaysia, and Sufiyan Chiktey of UAE also participated in the tournament. Speaking about the tournament, the national Carrom champion of Switzerland Carlito Bollin said in his exclusive interview that

When the whole world was shut down due to the corona virus, it seemed to me that we would not be able to play our favorite game Carrom with other players for many months to come, but then, Athena, a French Carrom player, introduced a powerful online Carrom idea that brought together players from all over the world, both big and small, to play Carrom online. Everyone was happy to stay at home and play Carrom. Tribute to Italy’s Elisa and UAE Carrom Federation General Secretary Muhammad Azam Khan for the excellent organization of the online Carrom Tournament.

ICF Cup Champion Irshad Ansari expressed happiness over participation in Benefit Tournament in the Carrom against Coronvirus attempt. While French Champion praised Athena from France, Elisa from Italy, and UAE’s Azam Khan for successfully hosting the online Carrom tournaments.

Expressing gratitude over the participation, the host Mohammad Azam Khan, General Secretary, UAE Carrom Federation, said in his special message that Irshad Ansari was facing financial difficulties and was hence felicitated by his federation to pay tribute to this excellent Carrom player while continuing the Carrom against Coronavirus war.

Earlier, the three European Carrom players and Azam Khan thanked Pakistani media channels and Nai Baat newspaper for the excellent coverage of online carrom tournaments and Murtaza Khan Zulfee, Chairman ICF Media Commission. Irshad Ansari thanked Azam Khan and all the players, organizers, and all the friends.