Betsy Devos sued by Chicago teachers union over special education

A lawsuit filed by Chicago teachers union is highlighting neglect of students with special needs in Chicago.

Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary and the Chicago public school district (CPS) have been sued by the Chicago teachers union in a lawsuit that alleges their policies are interfering with the education of students with special needs.

The lawsuit by Chicago teachers union

The lawsuit continued by alleging that Devos and the CPS had failed to provide a good environment for special needs students to thrive in. They indicated that the resources and guidance provided for these students were inadequate and could severely affect these students during this period of the pandemic.

However, both parties denied the allegations and released statements refuting claims that they were putting special needs students at risk. The spokeswoman for Betsy Devos said the Chicago teachers union was playing politics with special needs students.

Accused refutes the claims

She continued by claiming that the lawsuit was a ploy to deflect from their own failings in being able to handle special needs students. She continued by urging the teachers to figure out how they can integrate these students rather than giving excuses.

The CPS also pushed back against the allegations that it was neglecting special needs students by saying in a statement that the Chicago teachers union was actually the one failing to protect the students. They claimed the lawsuit was not helping these students since the teachers union was doing everything in its power to avoid making the necessary steps to accommodate the students.

The Chicago teachers union, however, has indicated that the lawsuit has to go on since the directives being given by the two parties were unrealistic. The directive for teachers and case managers to rewrite learning plans for each special needs student is not possible according to the teachers union.

They complained that they would have to make 70,000 different learning plans to be able to handle all the students. They are urging the two parties to reconsider their plans pushing for such measures.


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