Children want education over basics; survey in 6 countries

Children want education over all other basic necessities, this was made apparent from a survey by the Save the Children organization. There was a significant difference between education and water, with education coming on the top.

This survey was conducted in 6 countries (the Philippines, post-typhoon Haiyan; Syria and Afghanistan refugees; Republic of Congo; Refugee camps in Bangladesh; Ethiopia and South Sudan) with over 1200 children.

Almost 30% of these responses favored education, whereas just 12% chose food, health or water each. Shelter or money was the least favored luxury they’d prefer to have.

The responses to the survey were taken from places with the toughest conditions like lack of water or food and from poor economic backgrounds. Education is still seen as a luxury in the countries which are affected by war, epidemics or famines and droughts. The children living in these countries just live to see another day. 

Children want education but not in war-hit nations

According to the UN’s report last year, the countries that are suffering from war can allocate only as low as 2% of its funding for education. More than 60% goes for medical care and food supplies. Every one child out of five is unable to attend school due to any reason. When we think so high for 2030, the UN warns that more than 225 million children wouldn’t have a whiff of education by 2030. That children want education – but can’t have it – is more disheartening in free countries.

Save the Children foundation has called upon the world leaders and high net worth individuals for their campaign “Education Cannot Wait” globally to help them provide education for all. In the month of August, the UK alone pledged more than $112 million for the cause.

Save the Children’s education policy head has commented on the situation. He feels that children want education is an unambiguous choice. It can’t be any clearer. Children don’t want to just survive, they want to thrive and education will help them the most.