China will focus on care and support for international students

The Chinese Ministry of Education has announced that it is going to focus on bettering higher education and the school environment for international students. As the quality of education in the country is rising, more international students find it attractive to pursue higher education courses in China.

One of the main goals of the ministry is to introduce a comprehensive guide on Chinese laws and procedures for international students. The idea behind this guide is to aid students in their transition from living in one country and then moving to another. The Ministry of Education recognizes that many international students come from a completely different cultural setting, and this is why officials are working on enstating an informational network across universities. 

China and higher education

China’s higher education segment has been developing rapidly in recent years. According to the latest surveys, the country has achieved a student-teacher ratio of nineteen to one, which is an excellent result, compared to other countries in Asia.

Other than the improving student-teacher ratio, technological innovation is also entering higher education. As China is one of the largest hosts of cryptocurrency mining technology, many universities have started offering courses focused on blockchain technology and digital currencies. 

The rapid development of higher education across Asia, and especially China, is a magnet for international students, which is why the government is trying to make universities as welcoming as possible. Other than a guideline for international students, the government is also working on boosting relationships with higher education institutions around the world, to start offering more exchange options.