China Vice-Premier promises to focus on education

Sun Chunlan, the Vice-Premier of China has pledged to make the Ministry of Education work actively on bettering the system and providing a service, which society will find useful. In her address, Ms. Chunlan promised that she is going to actively look after the work done by officials regarding the educational system in the country.

During a recent inspection of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Chunlan repeatedly addressed issues like high kindergarten entrance fees and the academic pressure students in all levels of education face. 

According to Ms. Chunlan, the Ministry of Education has to introduce significant reforms in several aspects of the educational system to provide a level of education, which is on par with global standards.

The Vice-Premier and education

The fact that the Vice-Premier is making a specific point of speaking about problems in the educational system means that this is an essential goal for the government. China is currently facing several struggles when it comes to education, and this direct prompt might make the Ministry of Education. 

Probably the most significant problem the government has to solve is the student-teacher ratio in the country. According to recent research, the student-teacher ratio in China is currently nineteen to one, which ranks as one of the worst around the globe. Unfortunately, this result is not satisfying, as it means that students in the country are probably not getting the attention they need from their teachers. 

Hopefully, the government will address this problem, as it is one of the reasons behind the high levels of student stress and anxiety.