Cleveland Browns sports club invests in improving school attendance

The Cleveland Browns Foundation, part of the Cleaveland Browns American football team, has contributed a lot to the improvement of the educational system in the area, and their next initiative is to reduce the number of absent children in schools.

In their latest initiative, titled “Get 2 School, Stay in the Game!”, the Cleveland Browns Foundation collaborated with the Ohio state Education authorities and Harvard University, to provide support to more than ten districts in the area. 

According to the foundation and participants from Harvard, one of the biggest problems with absenteeism in the state are the rural areas, as they cover a vast territory, which is not so densely populated. Because of this proportion of territory and kids, school buses have to make longer trips for fewer children, and they are sometimes in a hurry, which causes many students to miss their school bus, and consequently miss classes.

Cleveland, sports, and education

Sports classes are an essential part of the educational programs in schools, as they ensure that students get enough exercise, and their immune system is boosted. Many countries are looking towards expanding their schools’ sports programs, including the United Kingdom. The fact that a famous regional football club is urging children to attend classes is a commendable approach, as most children will also be inspired to participate actively in their school’s sports programs.

Schools need to dedicate more of their time to sports classes, as they are an essential part of the healthy lifestyle of children in this digital age. The Cleveland Browns Foundation is just one example of how the worlds of professional sport and education can meet and lead improvements in both fields.