Cleveland’s preschool programs successfully revamped in 5 years

A city initiative called PRE4CLE has been instrumental in improving Cleveland’s preschool programs. Its primary objective level up into a high-quality preschool in Cleveland. 

Previously, Cleveland’s preschool programs were facing various challenges that hindered their optimality. 

For instance, three (3) years ago, Chalfonte Smith’s childcare center located in north Cleveland, Ohio struggled academically because it couldn’t pay for a curriculum.

These were some of the tales about Cleveland’s preschool programs, but this notion has been changed in just five (5) years as they have been considerably revamped.

Cleveland’s preschool programs restructured through PRE4CLE

Program officials were mandated through the PRE4CLE with purchasing musical instruments, blocks, science materials, and books as witnessed at Chalfonte Smith’s childcare center. 

The curriculum was paid up, and any intensive training costs were underwritten. This enabled teachers to acquire new skills, such as social-emotional learning and assessment of children’s progress.

Additionally, Smith’s teachers were sponsored to finish various courses necessitated to attain a Child Development Associate Credential that is needed by early childhood educators to show their expertise. 

Cleveland’s preschool programs’ shining star

Cleveland’s preschool programs have been shining as depicted by the one offered at the Chalfonte Smith’s childcare center. For instance, based on the restructuring witnessed, it was able to move from a rating of two (2) out of five (5) to a straight five. 

Furthermore, three years down the line, the center comprises of assets that were only dreamed of by many parents. For example, it has teachers with bachelor degrees, offers yoga and cooking lessons, and parent seminars where they are taught issues like financial literacy, among others. 

These changes have been instrumental in boosting children’s literacy scores. 

On the other hand, Japan’s free preschool education starting October announcement was met with jubilation by parents.  Educationists in the country and around the globe also celebrated the move. 

However, there’s a side note: the nurseries are concerned for the sudden increase in the students that have applied and are waiting anxiously to get accepted.