Closure of China’s consulate in Texas ordered Trump administration

Tension heightens as the US government ordered the closure of China’s consulate located in Houston, Texas.

Closure of China’s consulate in Texas

The closure of China’s consulate in Texas is a very bold move made by the Trump administration, amid the growing tension between the two countries for the pasts few months.

The Trump administration has been in constant confrontation with the Chinese government for the past few months. Concerns over territorial disputes in Asia, trade routes in the South China sea, issues on Hong-Kong’s government, and most recently about the coronavirus.

But this time, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the closure of China’s consulate in Texas was out of alleged conspiracy in illegally acquiring US intellectual properties by Chinese spies.

China is being accused of hacking into the US database, seeking to steal information on the ongoing development of vaccines for COVID-19. Chinese spies are said to be collaborating with bribed state agents to break into the database of US medical research companies focusing on COVID-19 vaccines.

China denies allegation

China’s foreign ministry headed by Hua Chunying denied the US government’s allegations and labels it absurdly ridiculous. She added, due to negative comments from the Trump administration, the Chinese embassy in Washington has already received numerous bomb and death threats.

On the declaration of the closure of China’s consulate on Texas, Hua is urging the US government to retract its order, or China will be forced to react accordingly.

Hua pointed out the difference between how Chinese diplomats in US soil are campaigning for political friendship, while their counterparts, US diplomats in China are openly opposing China’s political framework.

If the US government pushes through with the closure of the Chinese consulate on Friday, China will certainly act back. The US was reminded that more jobs will be affected if China imposes the same closure on US embassies or consulates in China.

The heated exchange between the People’s Republic of China and the US government is a developing story that needs uttermost attention from the international community.