Cloud Computing: Remarkable in bridging the learning gap

Cloud computing has emerged to be one of the technological innovations reigning supreme in the present society. It entails the practice of utilizing a system of remote servers located on the internet to process, manage, and store data as compared to a personal computer or local server. 

Indian students are continuously utilizing cloud computing services to propel their knowledge base. For instance, they are warming up to various EdTech platforms backed by cloud computing to boost their learning experience.

Indian students optimizing cloud computing

Information availed by Tracxn Technologies shows that India has at least 4,000 EdTech startups providing desktop or OTT mobile apps instrumental in coaching of various subjects to Indian students. 

These applications are ideal as they capture the learners’ imaginations using cloud computing services. As a result, education becomes highly engaging to students, and this improves their learning process. 

This approach shows that Indian students are ready to welcome tech propelled education.

Indian government invests in cloud computing

The Indian administration has acknowledged the importance of cloud computing in the education industry. For instance, it is spending at least Rs. 1 lakh crore, the equivalent of more than USD 14 billion in an initiative called Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education or RISE. 

The primary objective of RISE is merging innovative technological advancements, such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing with the education system. 

The combination of these technologies can help bridge many perennial gaps in the education sector, such as cost, reach, and quality. 

Notably, modern technology and AI are increasingly entering the state educational system in India and boosting teaching quality across the country.

One of the best examples of this technological revolution, which is entering state schools, can be found in Maharashtra, the home state of Mumbai. Many of the government-run schools in this area have been equipped with screens and language learning platforms, which significantly increase the quality of education pupils receive.