A college degree no longer a requirement for federal jobs in the US

Americans without a college degree can now apply for federal jobs after Trump signed an executive order calling for the same. The hiring process will now be dependent on skills and talents rather than which college or degree one attended.

A new executive order from the Trump Administration will overhaul the federal hiring processes for some jobs, making it easy for people with no college degree to be able to apply and get hired. The executive order was signed on Friday and looked to give priority to people who possess certain skills that can be useful in the work environment, regardless of whether applicants have a college degree or not.

Executive order cancels college degree requirement

The executive order will change the scope of the hiring process for the US federal government, which is the biggest employer in the country, with over 2.1 million workers on their payrolls. It will also put a spotlight on college degrees and their values.

Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter and the co-chair of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, commended the executive order and said that it would ensure workers are hired based on their talents and skills. She continued by saying that the executive order will also ensure that the hiring process is more equitable for all Americans.

Trump on the executive order

While signing the executive order, Trump said that the federal government would no longer depend on the schools attended and academic credential job applicants hold, it will be solely based on the skills they have and if they can fit in the work environment.

In the US, only a third of citizens hold a college degree. The executive order will expand the hiring process and make sure that every American can now be hired to work in the federal government.

Ivanka Trump and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board have been on the forefront championing for changes in how workers are hired in the US. After the signing the executive order, Ivanka said that the order showed that the government was leading by example, by expanding hiring processes and prioritizing on talents and skills.

The Executive order received a mixed reaction, with some arguing that it would fill vacant positions with less qualified people. On the US TODAY twitter feed, one user sarcastically applauded the move and argued that it would result in people hired for the job to be less aware of broader implications of their actions due to lack of knowledge attained in colleges.

The White House Domestic Policy Council said the new federal hiring rules would ensure that learning will be appreciated, regardless of whether it is acquired on the job or colleges.


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