EDTech marketing mistakes – and how to avoid them

Marketing mistakes have led to losses for EdTech companies in the past.

Marketers are always making the same mistakes and this has led to the low conversion rate. Some great company products fail to reach the target audience due to these mistakes.

Technology is changing drastically with each passing day. The two most changing technology industries are financial technologies(FinTech) and education technologies (EdTech).

When it comes to marketing, technological industries find themselves in situations where they are constantly making mistakes and failing to reach their target audience.

The challenge now becomes, what are these common mistakes that tech firms are making that are preventing them from reaching their target consumers. A look at EdTech industry marketing mistakes gives us an insight into why these companies fail in marketing.

Marketing without adequate market research

While marketing education technologies, one must ensure that proper effort has been put in place in understanding how the market will react to your product. A lot of tech entrepreneurs, however, do not make the effort of understanding what their consumer needs.

This results in making a product that will never be used by consumers and marketing it vigourously will not make consumers develop an interest in the products.

Failing to understand the users and investors

Marketers in this industry are failing to understand what the user actually wants in a product. They fail to invest in finding out what problems the user is experiencing so that they can try to solve that problem. This leads to a situation where a product is developed that is very complex, market-ready but is not accepted by users, stakeholders in the education system nor create interest from investors.

Creating a marketing campaign based on only one point of view

Marketers in this field are failing to capture and listen to their consumers. They end up making cringeworthy adverts targetted at their supposed consumers without proper research. More often than not, these campaigns fail terribly.

It is therefore important for marketers to ensure that they understand the point of view of their consumers and how their adverts will be perceived by their target audience.

Marketing on empathy

Most marketers have taken this form of marketing to a new level. An example is offering help to your target customers such as ‘ we help you as teachers ‘. This is wrong and condescending to teachers or any other target group involved. They have more experience than the marketers, they understand the ins and outs of the education system and making such statements because of a minority of teachers and generalizing the rest is just absurd while marketing.

Winning on price

Marketers who short sell themselves and try to run their campaigns as good to the pockets of their consumers end up performing badly especially in the technological world. Cheap is expensive, and in tech, if you cannot guarantee the security of data, regardless of how cheap your product is, the marketing campaign is bound to fail.

Failing to recognize community influencers

In the tech industry, and especially in EdTech, the most important marketing strategies that have a higher converting rate is through the word of mouth. Planning to market your technology without teachers’ input can lead to failures in marketing.

Marketers fail to realize the power which these influencers hold and this can be detrimental in the marketing of the product.

These mistakes among other minor issues such as having too many fields in forms and targeting the wrong group with your campaign have led to many marketers failing in their endeavors. Therefore, marketers in EdTech should ensure they have done due diligence in their research to ensure that they have a good strategy for their campaign