“Reconsider postponing opening of classes”, teachers call upon UK government

Teachers from the UK and Ireland are asking the government to postpone the opening of classes until its risk-free.

Opening of classes in the UK not yet ideal

A group of British teachers has called the attention of the UK’s education minister on the proposal of opening classes sooner as expected. A group of teacher’s union believes that it is still too risky to allow students back into physical classes.

The group of teacher’s union, backed by the National Education Union (NEU) and the National Association of Schoolmasters and Women Teachers, calls upon Education Secretary Gavin Williamson through a formal letter, saying that a postponement on the opening of classes until the virus has been cleared out should be considered.

The cohort cited factors that make it riskier for children to go back to school at this early of a time frame.

  • Lack of proper protocol and facility to conduct social distancing if all students go back to physical classes.
  • Lack of personal protective equipment for both teachers and students while at school, it proves to be costly at the end of the department if they provide such equipment regularly.
  • Monitoring of proper hygiene, especially on younger students, which are more interactive and playful at school
  • Lack of staff willing to report earlier amid the COVID-19 outbreak still in effect

No need to rush reopening of schools

Spokesperson and secretary of NEU, Kevin Courtney, cited that it is too early for school reopening, considering the current situation of the country with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Positive cases are still high, death cases are still ongoing daily, it shows the risk the people are exposed to at this time.

The Health Ministry’s opinion on this matter should be significantly weighed since they are the ones more knowledgeable in the extent of transmission has in the country as of now.

Safety must be the top priority, efforts of staying at home by the public if the Education Ministry pushes the early reopening of classes.