Coronavirus pandemic: Education impaled

The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new normal in how the education system works on various countries.

The Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has impaled the education system worldwide. Many countries left their education at a standstill as the COVID cases in their area isn’t manageable enough to allow students to go back to school. Many schools have shut down physical classes and transitioned to online learning. Many learners were left behind due to the incapability to keep up with the online learning necessities. This is the reality, this is what has become of the education system, and it is gravely targetting the less fortunate students of almost any country.

The United States of America

In the US, where a huge number of COVID-19 positive cases have been recorded, schools were forced to shut down and divert into online learning. The lack of proper facilities to ensure student’s safety when reporting for physical classes made online learning a primary option for school administrators. However, with parents complaining about the difficulties of monitoring and assisting their children in a school from home setup, the government are pressuring schools to resume physical classes ASAP.

Museums and Heritage institutions in the US has also limited the number of people allowed inside their facilities and with a condition that no huge group of peoples should come at once.


In Mexico, a mix of online learning and mass media broadcast was the government’s solution to address the shut down on physical classes. This way, even those less fortunate students and from far-flung areas are able to catch up with their classes via mass media broadcasting. The government sought the help of the country’s largest television network to allow airtime for school programs.

In Mexico, televisions are more reliable compared to the internet.

In general, this Coronavirus pandemic has forced the education system from different countries to adjust and come up with ways to diversify means in order for students to continue with their education. There is no perfect formula, what is necessary is that education won’t be held at a standstill, and children’s safety will not be compromised.