Coronavirus Pandemic: Optimistic WHO declares the outbreak as not pandemic yet

The World Health Organization (WHO) experts are speculating that perhaps, the world would witness a Coronavirus pandemic based on the latest reports about an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections.
WHO director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom reiterated the fact that there was no need for fear for the situation at hand should be assessed based on facts and figures. Says Tedros:
Calling the situation to be a coronavirus pandemic is not factful and only raises tension.
However, Dr. Tedros agrees that the latest numbers of Coronavirus infections were a matter of huge concern. Several countries have reported the rapid spread of the virus, namely, Italy, South Korea, and Iran. South Korea alone reported 763 cases on Feb 24, a huge rise from the 30 cases reported a week ago.
Italy recorded 124 cases an increase from three cases that were reported a week ago. Iran followed with a similar scenario with cases reported rising from zero cases to 43 cases. This data raises concerns as to whether the situation should be declared a Coronavirus pandemic, but Dr.Tedros still believes otherwise.

Only factual assessments can declare a Coronavirus pandemic

The WHO director remarked that their decision to call the outbreak a Coronavirus pandemic would follow assessments from the geographical distribution of the virus and the impact it has on people.
For the moment, the scenario that has been witnessed is not an uncontained global outbreak.
The viral outbreak was first witnessed in Wuhan in December 2019, and the fatality rate ranges from 2 percent to 4 percent, an indication that the health facilities in Wuhan have been overwhelmed by the viral outbreak.

Covid-19 cases fatality rate is 0.7 percent

In areas away from Wuhan, Covid-19 cases fatality rate is 0.7 percent but the figure could be higher because of unaccounted mild cases. Still, Tedros notes that the virus itself is not mutating and he passes a message of hope that the disease can be contained. Everyone should be hopeful that it will not be termed a “coronavirus pandemic”.
In as much as the virus has pandemic potential, the director still reiterates that from factual assessment, the situation would still not suffice to be called a coronavirus pandemic.
As of Feb 24, 2019, the total number of reported cases was 79,400 with 2,622 eventualities with the bulk of these cases reported in China. This is what we received, a few minutes before we go to press. More infections in the Middle East, illness spreads from Italy and threatens spread on Europe, and a warning on Americans. For your sake and the whole world, let’s hope that truly there is no coronavirus pandemic.
For a live update of infections, deaths and recoveries take a look at this counter.  As we go to press:  81,264 infected, 2,770 deaths and 30, 327 recovered.

Featured image credits: Pixabay