French scientist reports successful coronavirus treatment trial, curbing spread by 25 percent

As the world continues to grapple with a remedy to curb coronavirus, a French scientist has hinted at a successful trial for Coronavirus treatment with tests showing that the treatment line can stop Covid-19 from spreading in less than a week.

Prof. Raolt who works at Hospitalo-Universitaire streamed a video to show the experiments that were conducted at the beginning on Monday. Professor Raolt who is a specialist on infectious ailments was called upon by the President of France to conduct tests for the coronavirus treatment.

Chloroquine used as coronavirus treatment alongside Plaquenil

According to Raolt, the first patients of coronavirus that he administered chloroquine, reported rapid recovery and a huge decline of the timeline; the cases of infection were still contagious. Chloroquine is the conventional formula for treating malaria alongside Plaquenil.

The lead scientist said that they included patients that had consented to the coronavirus treatment, a move that saw all patients agree to be treated in two cities Avignon and Nice.

With reference to media news, the procedure was availed to 24 coronavirus infected people who became the first to contact the virus in France and had volunteered for the procedure.

A huge difference between the patients

The patients were administered with 600mcg of the drug in 10 days and were closely checked and monitored in case of any side effects emanating from other medications.

In his report, Professor Raolt remarked that there was a huge difference between the patients who took Plaquenil and those who did not. Those who were administered Plaquenil were less contagious with 25 percent only cases remaining contagious. Chloroquine phosphate was used before to manage infections in China during the ongoing treatment trials.

In other attempts, Kaletra, a United States drug used for the treatment of viral infections including HIV, is being used to fight for coronavirus treatment.

The drug’s ability to reduce contagious levels is a huge step towards curbing coronavirus spread has been seen as a milestone in the efforts for coronavirus treatment to stop the deadly virus.