New covid symptom study app reveals 6 different forms of coronavirus

Judging by various researches carried out by scientists on the novel coronavirus pandemic, they have made a shocking discovery that the virus has six different forms.

Furthermore, the scientists noted that the different forms of the virus possess different symptoms.

A recent survey was carried out by King College located in London via its COVID symptom study app. According to the analysis carried out with the app, the type of virus determines the need for hospitalization.

Health officials give positive reviews on the COVID symptom study app

Health experts and scientists alike have applauded the new COVID symptom study app created by the school, calling it a game-changer in the race to save those infected.

Experts have said that the app can determine the vulnerable ones so they would get treatment on time. With the second wave of the virus predicted to be on its way, the app could help reduce the number of casualties.

According to the data gotten from the app, the three symptoms synonymous with all forms of the virus include fever, loss of smell, and an irritating cough.

The researchers reported that a test can verify if a particular symptom has a slim chance of appearing together. To get their desired results, the researchers surveyed 1,600 patients located in the United States and the United Kingdom in the early part of the year.

COVID symptom study app would be beneficial to the old and vulnerable group

Talking about the respective symptoms for the different forms of the virus, the researchers noted that a form of the virus would start mildly and would tend to get severe if not treated in time.

Initially, they begin with little flu but graduate into fever and diarrhea. Another three clusters are known to cause fatigue, confusion, and respiratory-related issues. 

According to findings, the researchers said the people that were prone to getting this severe type of the virus are older and overweight people.

The researchers noted that the COVID symptom study app would generally be used to analyze older people who have been infected with the virus. If older people are prioritized first, they will reduce the number of casualties recorded amongst the older and vulnerable groups. 

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