Creative teaching contributes to exceptional learning

A study in US education shows a correlation between creative teaching and academic excellence.

Creative teaching helps students perform better

Gallup, an analytic and advisory company, released new data on children’s learnings from a study examining US education. The data shows that there is a significant correlation between creative teaching and students excelling academically.

Cognitive skills are core brain function responsible for thinking, reading, learning, attention span, reasoning, and remembering. K-12 teachers using creative teaching for classroom activities and homework results in higher cognitive skill development on their students. Learning-related cognitive skills are as follows:

  • ability to process problem-solving scenarios
  • critical thinking
  • connecting relevant issues and topics with ease
  • deeper comprehensive skills
  • learning retention

Creativity in learning also promotes confidence in students. When children get involved in classroom activities more often, it can build up their social skills and ability to take confidence in expressing themselves.

Creative teaching can be practiced by implementing the following:

  • communicate with the students on what lessons they want to learn about
  • diversity in teaching ways. Do not stick with something that isn’t productive and efficient for learning.
  • student engagement should be encouraged. allow students to participate in solving subject problems.
  • openly discuss problem solutions
  • come up with creative ideas for project making in class
  • emphasize the importance of discipline
  • student’s projects should be appreciated and shared to the public to boost morale and confidence

Technology and creative learning

A great improvement in today’s education is the involvement of technology. With technology being applied in learning, it creates a more interactive and fun learning experience for the students. Technology helps students gain interest and add focus as they learn.

Computers also provide access to multimedia learning. Lessons can be made into creative videos that can be more appealing to students as compared to traditional board work lessons. Students can also learn how to make creative videos as part of their school projects.

With technology, there are a lot of additional possibilities for creative teaching to be applied and to be improved.