Cushman School preps gun detection system

Cushman School, a Miami-based private school, has made a bold move of installing a high-tech gun detection system. Notably, administrators at Cushman School have revealed that this decision was propelled by the urge for more surveillance and security given that gun violence and mass shootings have risen in American schools.

The system was incorporated into the Cushman school’s elementary and primary campuses located on the Upper Eastside.

Cushman School’s monitoring system

The gun detection system at Cushman School was availed for free by ITContingency, a Florida-based technology company. The network is innovative as it uses the latest technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

For instance, with the help of AI, the school’s security cameras have been transformed into incredible monitoring systems that have the capability of detecting firearms anywhere on campus. The local police and school officials are then immediately alerted. 

Information revealed by ITContingency depicts that the system is vigilant as the detection of a firearm can happen within seconds. As a result, live tracking is prompted, and the gun holder’s movement becomes known. 

Cushman School sets the precedent

Cushman School’s decision of installing the detection network comes at a time when gun violence has become rampant in American schools. This has proven to be a severe challenge in the US, as some students usually lose their lives. 

Cushman School has fully integrated the system into all ten (10) classrooms located at its elementary level. Consequently, installation is still happening at its middle school. 

Florida schools have become more vigilant by coming up with strategies to mitigate gun violence. This has entailed the implementation of initiatives, such as school buses having GPS trackers. 

According to data from the US Naval Postgraduate School, there were ninety-four (94) school gun violence incidents in 2018. This has, therefore, necessitated stringent gun laws in the US as schools continue being at risk. 

On the other hand, different gun violence researchers in the US have stipulated that the government needs to adopt policy changes to make it harder for people to acquire a gun and get permits for carrying a gun.