DC Democrats push for mandatory sex education contravening 54percent public opposition

Washington DC Democrats have ignored public disapproval and are moving forward with their push for House Bill 2184 which makes it mandatory for public school students, including kindergarteners, to study “comprehensive sexual health education” from 2022 onwards.

The House Bill 2184 was chaired by State Representatives Monica Stonier (D-Vancouver) and Sharon Tomiko Santos (D-Seattle). The DC Democrats are pushing this Bill due to an apparent equity issue and in a bid to ensure that all students get access to sexual health education information.

The DC Democrats lawmakers reportedly decided to include lessons addressing affirmative consent and the needs of LGBTQ studies for students.

The DC Democrats bill reads:

In accordance with the requirements in this section and any recommendations of the sexual health education workgroup established in the 2019-2021 omnibus operating appropriations act that is enacted by the legislature, every public school shall provide comprehensive sexual health education to each student by the 2022-23 school year.

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education workgroup

The Office of Superintendent previously created a Comprehensive Sexual Health Education workgroup (CSHE), to evaluate the sexual health curriculum requirements of districts in the state.

A survey involving more than 10,000 respondents was carried out to ascertain facts regarding sexual health education in public schools. The survey found that 54 percent of the respondents felt that sex education should not be required for students between K-5.

Following this, a document was submitted by the CSHE arguing that learning about sex from a young age was important because the “social-emotional needs of our youngest students must be addressed for prevention of future challenges.”

The CSHE rejected the views of thousands of respondents saying that this was “an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

During a House Education Committee hearing, DC Democrat Representative Michelle Caldier (R-Bremerton) warned the CSHE  for their lack of ideological diversity.

Caldier cautioned that while sometimes, you know in politics and when we’re making decisions. That it’s very easy to surround ourselves with people who just agree with us and I think that if the workgroup just had conversations and no disagreement, that really concerns me because I know there’s a lot of disagreement for that.

Other DC Democrats related controversial Bill

Many other controversial bills that caused public uproar have also been under public scrutiny.

A Florida bill that would require teenagers under 18 years of age to get parental permission for an abortion passed its final Senate committee this week.

The legislation requires parents of minor girls seeking an abortion to have a notarized consent form before a doctor can perform the procedure. Florida law currently requires parents to be notified.

The Florida bill was sponsored by state Senator Dennis Baxley, and a Republican representing Ocala co-sponsored the Bill. State representative Anna Eskamani, a Democrat of Orange County notably opposes it.

The involved doctor who does not get the parents’ approval could face prison time. Democrats argue that the Bill is an attempt to erode abortion rights. Republicans disagree arguing the legislation protects minors.