Dealing with the downsides of homeschooling amid COVID-19

The harsh truth about homeschooling is that it is hard, and the COVID-19 quarantine is ensuring that it shatters the unrealistic expectations we had set for this way of life. 

For a change, children are begging to go to school; employers are forcing workers to not come to the office, and parents are finally acknowledging the importance of electronic gadgets in their children’s lives.

As if things weren’t tough enough, parents are now challenged to assume many different roles, from being the provider of the family, a pillar of mental strength during self-isolation to raising lifelong learners. There is no doubt that the unprecedented social distancing measures are driving us all up the wall.

Homeschooling is hard, very hard sometimes. But it shouldn’t swamp you yet, as you are far from being the only one who hasn’t figured out the best way forward for your child. And with baby steps, we can all get through this. 

Bringing the school environment to the home

As much as we love the freedom to set up our own work schedule and enjoy working from our cozy beds and comfortable casual clothes, it is essential to realize that the same may not work for your children.

Yes, homeschooling is all about flexibility but maintaining a school-like discipline, such as following the same morning routine, dressing up in school uniforms and dedicating an area that nurtures learning and development, can go a long way in making us realize that homeschooling shouldn’t necessarily be a failure, after all.

At times, it could be challenging to switch between play and learning mode, but if we expect our kids to take remote learning seriously then maintaining discipline and following the routine is crucial.

Time management is your friend

Learning the importance of effective scheduling and time management couldn’t be more high-priority than today. While on the one hand, our bosses continue to demand our presence and undivided attention through a series of virtual meetings and discussions; on the other hand are our kids continually turning up with demands and questions.

In times like these, taking a systematized approach and keeping a tight rein on it is exceptionally vital. One way to achieve this is to design a well-organized 24-hour schedule for your child, go over it before they go to sleep so that they are mentally prepared for what to expect tomorrow and stick to it diligently.

This way, you will be able to free up some time for your meetings and other work-related tasks without getting interrupted continuously.

Striking a balance between the virtual and real world

While there is no denying that technological advancements such as blockchain education are the greatest assets in times like these, it is crucial to draw a line and know when to disassociate with it. The same goes for the kids. 

Homeschooling kids will eventually result in a technology overdose that will need to be balanced out by introducing real-world interactions such as sharing a meal, striking a meaningful conversation with them over a cup of coffee, or just indulging in some fun activities like board games

Homeschooling is about sharing the load, folks

As a mother, it is common to get overwhelmed by your child’s constant demand for attention. But getting your partner involved and delegating the tasks will make sure that you are not out of your depths. 

Work out a schedule with your partner or the caretaker and take the efforts to explain your situation to your peers and the boss. With COVID-19 affecting each one of our lives, you would be surprised to find out they are probably going through the same situation. 

Keep the mornings for your work, but do take some time off to enjoy a game of scrabble with your kids while allowing your partner to concentrate on his routine. 

How about the technology gap in most Asian homes?

At this point, let me tell you about a man who made me aware that there is a way to hurdle obstacles:

My team and I have been building towards the future with the help of our strong community, but we need more help from networked communities willing to collaborate with us. The possibilities are as endless as the problems we are seeking answers for. What are the best ways of applying blockchain uses in education?

The same impassioned man said that we should take heed of three sectors as a starting point for the new normal after COVID-19. So many factors to consider and so little time to do them for parents who need to make a livelihood outside the home. I’m still at the crossroads of decision. One thing is sure though as another influencer made me aware:

“This coronavirus outbreak is a disaster, no doubt. But every coin has two sides. The good part I think outweighs the bad.” – Karnika E. Yashwant

Weighing the two sides of the coronavirus coin

Mr. KEY gave two primary reasons for considering the benefits of the coronavirus:

1) “Awakening” that we are not ready for a bio-war and nature’s reaction to the destruction of our planet 

2) Onset and adoption of an all-in digital economy for education, governance, shopping, data, lifestyle, and more is more evident than ever. Now it’s no longer a choice. The world cannot go back to the same old ways. How many would like to stop remote working and start going back to offices, spending 2-3 hours a day in public transport? 

In the end, let’s all agree on something – homeschooling is hard, but it is also the only way to ensure that our kids stay healthy, motivated, and look forward to a better and safer tomorrow. In the horizon, change is coming with stalwarts of the blockchain and crypto space putting their heads and hearts together,