Decentralized computing fighting coronavirus on the frontlines

Decentralized computing is helping scientists in their effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Among those in the front line is the Cardano Foundation which has asked its members to donate their personal computer CPU power which will go a long way in helping the scientist develop the vaccine.

Cardano Foundation is collaborating with other organization and their community to offer a decentralized computing platform to help develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. The project will entail combining the computing power of their community and the company in order to help teams researching the virus.

Using decentralized computing technology

The project which is called [email protected] project will also involve a large number of the company’s staff. They will also be required to give out their personal computers CPU power to the scientists who are doing the research. The project has already gained popularity with 239,176 participating in the project. The Cardano foundation has been ranked 4077th out of all the participating groups in terms of the amount of computing power they are contributing to the project.

The project aims at researching the coronavirus protein and simulating it to identify how it can be treated. To simulate these proteins, the project requires massive energy and computing power. Therefore, a solution was reached to use decentralized computing platforms and let organizations and teams help in the redistribution.

Cardano Foundation contribution

Instructions were sent to Cardano foundation staff and members on how they could become part of the team fighting the coronavirus. The foundation, which is tasked with promoting Cardano blockchain decided to tap into their community who were willing to help in the project. The foundation has also continued to ask for support to its members and the public to join them in an effort to fight the pandemic.

Coronavirus has already infected more than 349,000 people globally and killed 15,297. The World health organization declared it a pandemic and governments are now fighting to ensure that it does not spread further. The pandemic has also put a strain on the financial market with indices such as Dow Jones dropping more than 30 percent this month alone.


Featured image by Pixabay