Defying discrimination: Aeta dreams to become an indigenous youth ambassador someday

An Aeta defying discrimination stays focused on her dream to become a journalist and an advocate for the indigenous youth.

Defying discrimination and focusing on your goals

The inspiring story of an Aeta of the Mag-Indi tribe, in the City of Pampanga, Philippines, has inspired and awaken many netizens in social media. Recently graduated from senior high school at the Holy Angel University (HAU), Bimiana Serrano Capuno, sets her new goal, to become a journalist and an ambassador to fellow indigents like herself.

For Capuno, being an Aeta in a school populated by city kids is really tough. Defying discrimination about her color, her hair, and everything different about being an Aeta has been a common routine for her.

It is such a contradiction on how some Filipinos sympathize against racism and discrimination in the United States, but, continuously look down and discriminate indigenous tribes in their own country.

Capuno is just one of those students coming from indigenous tribes in the Philippines, defying discrimination and staying focused on their goals for a better future.

According to Capuno, she wants her journey to be an example for other indigenous students, not only Aetas.

We do not only belong to the mountains, and we should have equal opportunities to chase our dreams and become bigger contributors to society.

Her Inspiration

Capuno is a beneficiary of a scholarship grant from Filipino journalist and TV host, Kara David. David served as Capuno’s inspiration and role-model. She aims to become a journalist herself and an advocate for indigenous youth in her country.

The journey of Capuno’s high school life is a better example of defying odds in aiming to fulfill your dream. Her struggles being an Aeta didn’t make her give up on her dreams; instead, it made her aspire more and pursue her goals.

On her social media post, Capuno also showed gratitude to her Fil-American friend Mika, who stood by her and became her shoulder to lean on when everything is too much to handle alone. She quoted:

To Mika, thank you! She showed me that race and color doesn’t define true friendship.

Capuno aims to study at the University of the Philippines and pursue her dreams of becoming a journalist.

Another Aeta also made noise on social media a few years back, as being the first Aeta to graduate from the University of the Philippines, Norman King.