Delhi University Announces Cut-off for Undergraduate Courses – Humanities Sit on Top

Delhi University(DU) is India’s largest institution of higher education. With seventy-seven colleges and sixteen faculties affiliated to DU, it receives some of the most substantial numbers in application to undergraduate courses. Correspondingly, the coveted courses have very high cut-off limits. This year, Hindu College has kept a cut-off of ninety-nine per cent for BA (Hons) Political Science.

Lady Sree Ram College(LSR) is a constituent college of DU and their cut-off for BA programme is ninety-eight point seven-five per cent (98.75%). For science courses, Hindu college once again has the highest cut-off. They have pegged physics cut-off at ninety-eight point three per cent (98.3%) and maths at ninety-seven point seven-five per cent (97.75%).

Earlier this year, Delhi High Court had ordered DU to keep their eligibility criteria the same as the previous year, and due to this, the last date for application was extended to June 22.

As is evident from the cut-off marks, humanities courses are the most coveted in the University of Delhi. BA (Hons) English had the maximum number of applications this year, followed by Political Science.

More than eighty-four thousand girls have applied to DU for the next the academic year; the number of male candidates is more than sixty-eight thousand in the unreserved category. The total number of applications have been more than two hundred and fifty thousand in 2019.

Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Quota

In 2019, DU has increased the seats at EWS quota by ten per cent. More than five thousand male candidates, over three thousand five hundred women and one from the third gender have applied in this category.

Cut-offs for the EWS category will be announced separately.

This is only the first list that has been declared. The subsequent lists will come out on July 2, July 9, July 15 and the last one on July 20.