If democrats dislike America, what’s the future for US schools?

Sarah Sanders, former White House Press Secretary, with Hannity, Fox News, tore into the Democrats for their campaign against President Trump. Sarah, after admitting her guilt, resigned from her role as press secretary. 

However, she still works as a campaign manager and political advisor for the Republicans. Sarah was not at all impressed by the Democrats’ campaign and she made her feelings visible.

She talked about the negativity associated with the Democrats all the time, while went on to praise the president for his commendable speech at the rally in North Carolina. This rally was just before the voting session for the long-awaited elections for the house seat.

Democrats are terrified of Trump’s success

Sarah Sanders went on to show her dismay at the Democrats’ behavior of always trying to show Trump down. She said:

They finally come back to work and the only thing they can do is to try to figure out how to impeach the president.

Sarah, taking on Joe Biden, said that she thinks he doesn’t know what election he’s going to participate in. She claims that there is a wave of fear across the Democrats since President Trump has worked so wonderfully over the years and if continues to do this, he will get re-elected, putting the democrats out of the power again.

She seemed pretty confident when she said that the democrats don’t even like America.

I don’t know why these candidates are even participating and running when they dislike the citizens and the nation itself.

What’s in store for United States (US) schools

Sarah plans to run for the governor of Arkansas. When asked about the gun violence incidents in America, she didn’t seem much interested in the conversation and twisted it completely to people protesting her.

America has been a target of frequent gun attacks and under such an unsafe environment, the economy might start to go down. While there is still time, America needs to cure this epidemic as quickly as possible.

In the United Kingdom. poor pupil behavior among students was observed due to low standards and attainment, and discipline is a favorite among politicians as it plays well with voters. The Michaela community school in Wembley, north-west London, was cited for high GCSE results due to its strict codes of discipline.

In another ‘civilized’ country, politicians are squabbling among themselves, jockeying for positions, showing themselves to be poor standards of behavior for children with their disrespect for authority and their nation.